Hari Rustic Treasures Bundle Stack Bird Toy


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The HARI Rustic Treasures Grass Bundles Bird Toy is handcrafted from natural abaca, palm, and lemongrass. This stimulating toy promotes foraging behaviors, helps relieve boredom in the cage, and gives your bird something to pluck besides feathers!

  • Handcrafted from natural abaca, palm and lemongrass
  • Helps prevent feather plucking
  • Stimulates mental activity and helps relieve boredom

Suitable for medium hookbills. Hari bird toys are environmentally friendly and made from renewable, non-toxic, certified fair trade materials. A lead and zinc-free quick link allows easy cage installation.

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Weight 0.26 oz
Dimensions 11 × 1.6 × 5 in


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