Marshall Small Animal Play Pen Mat/Cover 8 panel


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Designed to work with the Marshall Small Animal Play Pen. Can be used indoors and a mat to protect carpet and flooring. Can also be used outdoors to prevent ferrets from digging or as a protector from the sun. Hand washable and can be air dried.

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Small Animal


Washing Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle with like colors. Wash in cold water and use regular strength detergent. Tumble dry low heat.

Hanging Instructions: Fasten each of the four metal swivel clips to the bars of your ferret's cage. Hang in a location that is easily accessible to your pet, but that still won't inadvertently swing against any objects or cage sides and cause injury. Ferrets that are good at, and relish, climbing might prefer the Nap Sack be hung away from other objects to offer maximum safety. Non-climbers would benefit from the hammock being hung close to a cage shelf or tunnel opening for easy access.




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