Tetra Whisper EX Carbon Filter Cartridge


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Tetra Whisper Carbon Filter Cartridges complete the Whisper Power Filter package for a clean, easy-to-maintain aquarium. The included ready-to-use disposable single packs of ultra-activated carbon remove waste particles, odors and discoloration.

  • Ready to use disposable filter packs
  • Removes odor and discoloration
  • With ultra-activated carbon
  • Fits Whisper EX20

Whisper Filter Cartridge multi-packs come unassembled and offer economical pricing on larger quantities. Carbon packs are easily changed once a month. It is recommended that you replace your Whisper Filter Cartridge when water begins to overflow excessively from the Wonder Tube chamber.

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Weight 0.36 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.85 × 0.75 in


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